The Concept Of Strength Training

 The Concept Of Strength Training

 Introduction on strength training:

Strength training is a kind of physical exercise which specializes in the use of some resistance for the induction of muscular contraction building anaerobic endurance, strength and the size of the skeletal muscles. When such a training is performed accurately, it can lead to significant benefits and overall health improvement which includes healthy bones, muscles tendon, ligament toughness and strength as well as improvement in cardiac functions. It is basically a training which commonly makes use of the method of adding to the force output of the muscles progressively by incremental weight increasing and using variety of exercises and equipment for targeting particular muscle groups. Strength training is associated with production of lactate, which is a limiting factor of performance. Endurance exercises lead to the adaptations in one’s skeletal muscles preventing the rise of lactate levels during the period of strength training.

The benefits of strength training:

There are many uses and benefits of strength training, such as: Physical attractiveness: Many people take up this training for improving the level of physical attractiveness they possess. Strength training leads to broad shoulders and a narrow waist making a person really fit physically. Most men can build up substantial muscles by it; but it won’t be easy for women to do so as they lack in testosterone which is essential for building up muscles. Yet, they can posses a firm physique through extensive training. Improvement in general health: Strength training has a lot of functional benefits and the stronger muscles give a better posture, provides a strong support for joints and reduces risks of physical injuries. Older people can make use of this training to prevent loss of the muscle tissues which usually occurs with aging.

Rehabilitation: For the purpose of rehabilitation as well as for addressing an impairment or a disability, strength training becomes essential for recovery and to strengthen the weak muscles.
Sports performance: The rate of sports performance can be incredibly increased due to training and proper exercising as it improves health which increases stamina and muscle performance.

Strength training and nutrition:

Strength training should always be matched with the diet pattern so that the training is effective and works faster. An increase in the dietary protein is required for building up muscle tissues and hence a high protein diet is recommended for those who have taken up strength training. A light and a balanced meal is necessary prior to the training as the workout requires a lot of strength.

The basic principles and method:

The basics of strength training includes manipulation in the number of repetitions, exercises, tempo, sets and force that cause the desired changes in endurance, strength and size. There are specific combinations of exercises, sets, reps, force and resistance to be used and it depends on the basic purpose of the training. To gain strength and size, multiple sets that consist fewer reps should be performed using a lot of force. There are many sports wherein strength training can be practiced like weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, shotput, javelin throw and discus throw. Also, there are many other sports that use strength training as a part of their routine training. These sports include basketball, hockey, wrestling, rowing and football. The methods used in strength training are weight training, isometric exercises, plyometric exercising, circuit training, Pilates, yoga, parkour and gymnastics. Some equipment used for this training are barbells, weight machines, dumbbells, pneumatic exercising equipment, resistance bands and weighted clothing.